College and University Presidents, Deans, and Professors Emeriti

By Brother David L. Carl


The men of Gamma chapter have contributed significantly to the progression of Black educators at colleges and universities. These men, many recognized with the designation emeritus, whose names adorn buildings, or for whom scholarships are named, shaped and forever develop academia. As presidents, department founders and heads, deans, and noted professors, they helped to advance scholarship, a capacity we continue on today.

The following are some of the Men of Sterling Worth who have contributed to the field of education at colleges and universities:

Dr. Cyril Fitzgerald Atkins
Rev. Dr. Alvin E. Andrews
Dr. Oliver Keith Baker
Prof. Richard Kenneth Barksdale
Dr. Robert Percy Barnes
Prof. Birtill Thomas Barrow
Prof. Richard W. Boulware
Prof. Sterling Allen Brown
Dr. William David Byard
Dr. William Montague Cobb
Dr. Bernardin Francis Dabney
Dr. David Watson Daly Dickson
Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller
Dr. William Moreland Fort
Dr. Warmoth Thomas Gibbs Sr.
Dr. Gordon Blaine Hancock
Maj. Gen. Dr. David D. Hamlar
Dr. Paul Vernon Jewell
Prof. Melvin Dow Kennedy
Dr. Albert Alexander Kildare
Dr. George Ignatious Lythcott, Jr.
Dr. Benjamin Elijah Mays
Rev. Dr. Egbert Chappelle McLeod
Dr. Roscoe Lewis McKinney
Dr. Theophilus Elisha McKinney, Jr.
Dr. Harvey Nathanial Middleton Sr.
Rev. Dr. Ronald Elliot Morris
Prof. Frederick Allen Parker
Dr. John Vaze Parnell, Jr.
Prof. Lee Julian Purnell, Sr.
Dr. Benjamin Andre Quamina
Dr. James Holt Reeves, Jr.
Richard L. Taylor
Prof. Silas Perry Washington
Prof. Emmett Isaac Wroten