Dr. Albert Sidney Beasley, Jr.

By Brother David L. Carl

Beasley with Clippings.    Born in 1894, Beasley became one of the most prominent and respected doctors in New York City, and a victor in the fight for healthcare equality and the advancement of patients’ rights. Originally from Macon, Georgia, he attended Lincoln University where he rose as a son of Omega on the charter line of Beta Chapter. He excelled scholastically, graduating cum honore. In 1915, he matriculated to Harvard Medical School, where he would graduate in 1919 as one of the first few Black physicians to obtain formal training from a white institution.

.     Beasley would migrate to New York, where he rose as a noted and beloved community physicians with an extensive general practice. He surmounted long standing racial barriers with his meritorious appointment to the medical staff at Harlem Hospital. In a long fought racial equality battle for both Black medical professionals and patients, Beasley prevailed in a violent and far reaching political move that ousted twenty three veteran white doctors, many charged with incompetency and disregard for their patients.