September 25, 2016

2022-2023 Membership Dues 

Paying Dues is Fast and Easy – Gamma needs your support to continue upholding the light of Omega. Select the button below that applies to you, and forward this to other brothers to ensure that no one is left behind. We are excited about the continuation of Gamma Chapter and we want you to be apart of it. You have the opportunity to lay the foundation for our next 100 years of achievement. Select the Reclamation button that best applies to you.

Contact Bro. KF Shaka Moales at directly if you need to make special arrangements.

General Member Reclamation

General Member Reclamation dues total $325. This payment covers the $125 to IHQ; $75 to the 1st District; and $125 to Gamma Chapter.

International Life Member           

International Life Member Reclamation dues total $200 and are exempt from the IHQ fee.

Gamma Chapter Membership           

Gamma Chapter dues total $125 and are exempt from the IHQ and District fees.

Additional Payment Options

If you wish to renew your membership by check, cash, or credit card in person or by mail, please contact to make arrangements.